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How Google Street View makes House Hunting Easy

Posted by admin on June 13, 2018
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The big data and internet of things (IoT) have brought about greater changes in behavior of every person’s lifestyle. Google being the pioneer in internet technologies has always stayed ahead of the game with its proactive and innovative products which continues to help people live their lives more conveniently than ever before. Google Maps is one of the product that serves millions of people every day with street photographs. Google street view takes photographs alongside public streets and allows customers to copy an eye-level experience and to virtually walk down a street. It is liberating knowing that such considerable amounts of information will now be readily available to all. With an increasing number of cities now integrating Google street view, this makes the city take initiative in improving their standard of living.

Google street view users can peek at the community from any device without the hassle of actually being present there. Google street view also helps estimate time it would take to reach a destination, or predicting the motion of traffic or congestion in an area. Google additionally estimates walking and cycling times immediately and accurately.

The visual impact that google street view has on the real estate market helps improve the reliability of information provided by outlets. Investors have the most to gain with google street view enhancing the buyers knowledge of their surroundings, instead of relying solely on information provided they can now gauge through the vicinity of the area and look for convenience, retail stores etc.

Google street view helps avoid wastage of time traveling for hours and being misled by pictures or words just to find out that you’ve been shown a property in the middle of nowhere. Google undoubtedly provides home-hunters with a better experience. The panoramic images of the location allows to witness a 360 visuals to understand exactly what the area is like in reality.

Although most residents will generally have an idea about a properties location and surroundings this would prove most beneficial to overseas investors who can now know the exact conditions their going to be living in and tackle situations like traffic or congestion, find out if an off-plan project is soon being built and if a project is going to block their view.

The innovative Homes 4 Life Real Estate website is fully equipped and integrated with Google Street Views API that allows visitors to view every single listing listed on the website whether ready or off plan on Google Street view which projects the actual pictures of the surroundings and distance to certain areas can be measured or a visitor can just roam around to see what are the offerings within the vicinity. The continued advancement in technology also helps in improving the experience of clients, and with a highly proactive approach towards adopting the latest technology Homes 4 Life continues to stay ahead of the game with implementing these innovative concepts one after another.