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Low Price Purchases are the key to best buy-to-rent investments

Posted by admin on July 3, 2018
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Making the right decisions at the right time in the property market is no doubt one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life. This may sound obvious but an investment in the property market can only turn into a pot of gold quickly when the investments are made at the right time and on the right properties. There are hidden gems in every real estate and in a price corrected market, there are always good opportunities for the taking

With the real estate market set for a meteoric rise, investors have been alerted of the opportunity, this lucrative market can provide. A majority of off-plan developments have geared up and prepared for the arrival of EXPO 2020. The purchase price is key in any investment, and with all signs pointing towards a massive boom in the property market, By cashing in now investors have an opportunity to double their investment in just two short years, depending upon the high flexibility of payment plan options and easy mortgage compliance from the financial institutes.

Due to these changes in the property market, developments close by Expo 2020 or away from the city have proven to be a more lucrative opportunity for an investor. With house prices have fallen down by 17% in various communities of Dubai over the past year, A few areas like Jumeirah village triangle (JVT) has shown an increase in rental yields by (9.2 percent), Discovery Gardens (8.96 per cent), International City (11.59 per cent), and Dubai Sports City (8.29 per cent) have really shown a return on the buyers original investments.

International City, Jumeirah Village Triangle and Discovery Gardens were top performers in the Direct Line data, with typical buy-to-let landlords achieving monthly rental yields of more than 12% in some occasions, compared to the average returns of 7% in Dubai.

According to venture capitalists, the original price of an asset makes the most difference in the future and in the current yields, therefore the purchase price is a major factor and some areas will entice a higher monthly rent. At, Homes 4 Life Real Estate our specialists have helped our clients during the last six months to manage achieving up to 12% of yields from their investments. Smaller apartments generally have a better return on investment than larger apartments, this makes investors look at different potential investments instead of focusing on just the most luxurious units in Dubai.

Investing in off-plan opportunities has the potential to gain the maximum from the appreciation prospect, and later on rental yields, as the property can now be purchased at its lowest possible rate, Investors can benefit from the returns as well as the capital appreciation.

If you are looking for a well priced property to investment from the buy-to-let prospect, our area specialists at Homes 4 Life Real Estate can help you achieve the best price for your investment which would impact highly on the rental returns in the long run. Get in touch today with one of our representative to discuss your investment prospect.