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Hassle Free Management

Highly Qualified Professionals

Comprehensive Reporting

We at Homes 4 Life Property Management Supervisory Services ensure to reduce your rental headaches completely with no or fewer complications in the transaction, and through professional asset management services.


Clients can now rid themselves of concern with homes 4 life providing our customers with regular updates about their contract renewals at your comfort.

All information regarding the contract renewal will be shared with our client.

Information provided will be systematic and transparent with one of our employees guiding and assisting you through the process.

Incase a client needs to make changes during the contract renewal, all viable options will be provided to the customer.


Our comprehensive services will address to any sort of requirement you will have under a single roof with a single contact point

We have flexible packages to encompass all types of client

By integrating experience, technology, and technique, we supply
end-to-end applications absolutely tailored to your requirements

Our practices and techniques are not only effective but proven and constantly up to date, we incorporate new and innovative approaches to our business plan to provide our customers with a cutting edge and optimum service


We offer our clients a hassle free environment, with our employees 24/7 at your service, we also cater to trivial details such as collecting cheques at our customers convenience

In addition to providing all relevant data our extremely valuable services will help save you time and money, our employee will collect cheques from any place within the region and pay them in at the nearest branch of your financial institution the same day.


Eliminating the hassle of standing in long queues of CDM/ATM and bank lines, our representative can deposit your cheque into your account

We would keep a check on all the cheques with its reminders and timely deposit cheques prior to due dates for smooth transactions An intricately designed service for the collection of your cheques from your desired location.

This one-step solution manages your post dated cheques in a timely manner, accumulating information and providing essential reports to help maintain track of your payments and cheques.


Our qualified home inspector can investigate the condition of a property’s roof/ceiling, fire and safety issues, water or fire damage, cooling systems, or any other difficulty that might have an effect on the value of the property. Regular property inspections ensure the maintenance and repair costs are lower and fixtures are on time.

Timely inspections create a win-win situation for both landlords and the tenants, since tenants do not have to face occasional troubles in the property, and landlord would always be aware about what the situation of the property is, and if there are any actions to be performed on the property, they can be done on timely basis.


With our exclusive tie-ups we ensure our clients that any damages will be fixed to help facilitate the transition of moving into your new apartment/villa

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial relocation, we provide a tension free, fast and safe relocation

Video record and record your voice, noting the issue and the date. This approach also comes in handy during the course of the entire lease term, tenants can track the owner’s timeliness in addressing maintenance problems, and landlords can display how timely they were.


Homes 4 life’s trained personnel will assist and guide our clients with our pre-handover services, our trained personnel will inspect the house for any faulty lines or broken hinges etc and help you rectify these mistakes before you take possession from the developer of your brand new property.

Due to the excitement and rush of a new property, sometimes self inspections results in skipping of a professional snagging service causing faults and defects which could be rectified free of charge. Our property inspectors are experienced and trained in identifying these faults, helping you save time and money. By identifying
these so called early snags the quality of the property is sustained for a longer period and thus possess a higher capital appreciation potential.

Our trained inspectors perform various tests such as
· Poor paintwork
· Damaged windows or doors
· Faulty wiring
· Ceiling bumps
· Broken hinges
· Uneven cement and broken tiles
· Leaking or broken pipes

At the end of our inspection, a full detailed report on the condition of the unit is provided and stored with our facility management supervisory team as the property inspection history logs.


What differentiates Homes 4 Life Property Management Supervisory apart from the other conventional asset management companies is the utilization of technology. Our full equipped CRM systems store all data and information about the property, where we keep track of all activities performed on a particular property at any given point of time, by a particular vendor and at a specific cost.

All damages occurred through the form of pictures or videos and other possible media are stored into the CRM which not only helps us keeping a full track record of a property, but also allows the landlord to see a comprehensive report at any given point of time about how much of maintenance has been performed on a property or about what has been the maintenance cost incurred on a particular property.


Our first objective is to get 100% customers satisfaction. Our expert and skilled staff goes through mindfully over each specific point of any moving project and takes suitable steps to fulfill the exact requirements by delivering exceptional moving services.

You will get safe and secured relocation for your local and international move by our professional team and friendly staffs that does not include temporary workers or random day laborers.


Pre-qualification is a very important stage in the process of renting out the property. Not only it avoids wasting time in discussing things that are irrelevant but also increases the closure ratio successfully. During pre qualification we dug deep into the requirements of the clients to ensure what they are exactly looking for, and how flexible can their requirement be when it comes to renting out an apartment. Our professionals go through a series of questions to prequalify potential clients before offering them the options of properties available, and once the properties are offered after prequalification the closure ratio is always superior and results in saving time and resources of both the parties.


Screening is an important process which is mostly performed post qualification of the clients as tenant for a particular property. During screening of the tenants the candidate’s personal facts such as their names, identification and contact details are analyzed to understand if they have the potential and resources to opt for the chosen option. We also screen their past tenancy records to help us gain assurance of the client’s reliability. Their source of income through salary certificates and mystery calls to their employer to verify details.

If required in same cases with client’s permission we would accumulate additional records to screen their credit history and other sources of income to ensure that the qualified tenant is completely capable of renting out the property for a longer period of time.


Landlords owning property in Dubai can get in touch with us to discuss what kinds of services we can offer them based upon their requirement. Understanding that not every property needs everything, a legal contract of property management supervisory services is drafted for individual property against individual landlord which is documented and authorized by the Dubai Real Estate Regularly Authority (RERA). Each contract specifies the range of services that Homes 4 Life Property Management Supervisory Services intends to perform on a particular property which gives a clear picture and a benchmark of what a landlord has to expect from us.

The contracts are made on annual basis which are renewable every year after mutual agreement. The property management supervisory fees is also mutually agreed upon on the basis of individual contracts and the scope of work agreed. A dedicated account manager is allocated to each landlord who regularly communicates about the situation of the property and updates on it. For multiple property owners, we become the centralized point of contact for all tenants which helps in managing the properties efficiently and effectively resulting in lesser hassle and lower maintenance cost in the long run.


Our comprehensive range of services will address to any sort of requirement you’ll have under a single roof with a single point of contact. We offer flexible packages to encompass all types of client‘s requirements by integrating experience, technology, and technique, we supply end-to-end applications absolutely tailored to your requirements. Our practices and techniques are not only effective but proven and constantly up to date, we incorporate new and innovative approaches to our business plan to provide our clients with the cutting edge services. Our strong clientbase, trackable records and affiliations help clients to view, evaluate, and analyze records, thus allowing them to make inferences and come to conclusion to make rational decisions. Our representatives intricately find every trivial detail from broken tiles to broken door hinges, keeping a record of every fault ensuring clients face no distress on every contract renewal.


Property Management Supervisory becomes utmost important when the industry is highly competitive and saturated with ample amount of options available in the market. The services helps in saving time, money and energy when managed through professionals because when a tenancy is processed through various levels of screening, this ensures that bad tenants are not occupying the property at any time, and would results in on-time payments, longer duration of tenancy, lesser wear and tear thus improving the life span of the property and better capital appreciation potential.

We at Homes 4 Life Property Management Supervisory Services ensure to reduce your rental headaches completely with no or fewer complications in the transaction, and through professional asset management services, we ensure that actions at the maintenance levels are taken proactively and in time to mitigate any risk of damages. Our dedicated account manager on each property would periodically communicate with the tenants to and the landlord to ensure things are well in place always.