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Ramadan CSR Initiative

Posted by admin on June 3, 2018
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On this auspicious occasion of Holy month of Ramadan, Homes 4 Life took the initiative to serve the less privileged of the society to exercise the spirit of giving. Dubai Real Estate industry is one of an important industry that contributes to its GDP every year, and with over thousand organizations registered and serving the Emirate, a proactive gesture for corporate social responsibility had to urge soon. Homes 4 Life Real Estate step up to the call in this month of generosity by distributing Ramadan gift boxes to the labors and the construction workers who work tirelessly throughout the day in this scorching heat which reaches up to 50 Degree Centigrade.

It is about time that players in Dubai Real Estate should go above and beyond their traditional business transactions and think about the stakeholders who have helped in many ways to constitute a better society and build up this metropolitan infrastructure. Although, Non-Profit organizations actively participate in Dubai to help these needy people by donating clothes, food and water, however if additionally all corporates

within their vicinity and capability step up

and act to serve the society, this eventually would become a prosperous  region.

The fact that “Charity begins at home” and the perfect opportunity of Ramadan motivated team Homes 4 Life opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and help make a difference in the society. The long stretch of Ramadan for some is a foundation for singular resolutions, be it ceasing unfortunate propensities or expanding in doing benevolent acts. Therefore, captivating important CSR activities for the group breeds enduring outcomes, apparently more than that of charity given once per year. Leading UAE associations have begun to center around making a positive social effect through their business and community development activities. The Year of Giving, and proceeded with UAE Government CSR commands, are driving both public and private substances towards supporting societal improvement in the UAE.

Corporate social responsibility is particularly valid among millennials, a significant number of whom trust that a companies corporate social responsibility ought to be as integral to an organization’s goal as to make profits. In UAE, there are presumably more organizations extensive and little obliged to engage with Corporate Social responsibility. With a growing trend of consumers ready to invest or be in business with companies who are actively involved in CSR activities, this may prove to be a win-win situation for both parties in business.

We at Homes 4 life have taken the initiative to pitch in and help the less fortunate. Fasting for several hours of the day is hard as it is but we look towards helping those working in construction sites in the scorching heat of

UAE for countless hours. Employees at homes 4 life have

personally contributed towards helping laborers working at construction sites by providing laborers packaged Iftari meals and water to help them tackle the heat, although we targeted labour camps and construction sites meals were provided to any individual in need. We hope to keep the tradition of giving alive during Ramadan and throughout the year. This simple act of giving helped bridged the gap between ourselves and those less fortunate.

Ramadan is a celebration of humility and abstinence, it is also about spending time with family and a larger community while giving back. This Ramadan we encourage every individual to help ease the suffering of vulnerable individuals and securing their wants during the holy month by channelizing their energy and focus towards giving back to the community while showing compassion and generosity.