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The Pros and Cons of Master Communities and Independent Lifestyle

Posted by mohsin on October 11, 2020
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Dubai Real Estate offers various options to the homebuyers catering all kinds of lifestyles. The fact that people from different walks of life have varied preferences, a major segment in Real Estate used to classify properties is through master communities and independent developments.  The debate of whether it is better to live in a master community hence stems from the popular opinion of people in today’s era which is diverse in every league. Although it varies on the individual preferences, financial budgets and situation, however there is always much more augmented to reside in a master community.

First and fore-most there is a manifold of opportunities and possibilities provided by a well- established community. It not only helps develop human values but also lends immense support to an individual or their families. A person is always able to turn to their friends and family living in their own community for help and during times of difficulties. There are never any irresolvable problems when living in a community as there is always someone or the other ready to help out and considering the issues regarding mental awareness being spread in the world today, this is a very colossal advantage presented by communities. Refreshing sites promised by nature that are structured into these societies, motivate everyone to go out and explore their neighborhood, interact with others and be more social. Moreover, various cultural events and celebrations during the time of festivities administers a sense of belongingness to the residents. There are clubhouses, parks, mosques, recreational areas situated within close reach eliminating the need to travel to far off places to yield the same. Considering it from the real estate point of view, although there are abundant facilities available to the residents with regards to the total cost charged for them hence making it cheaper as compared to an individual house without as many features, this could also serve as a drawback for many. Gated communities accommodate a lot more safety and security hence reducing the risk of burglaries, theft and other petty crimes providing the people with relief in that field.


On the contrary, living independently without the comforts of a community does make an individual more confident, giving a bit of privacy, and a sense of isolation from the hussle-bussle of the urban city lifestyle. For some people who seek solitude this may be appealing as there would be no expendable interference from their neighbors as well as no social obligations on their part. This kind of lifestyle favors people who like to live solely and require the freedom to accommodate themselves without regards to other people. However, this would normally suit individuals such as students, bachelors, the millennials and low-income population due to factors such as affordability, preference of lifestyle and the convenience of reaching town as most of the communities are situated at a distance from the heart of the town.


Therefore, the opportunity cost for the facilities provided by a community may not be a convenient short-term plan for many. Hence, one of the drawbacks of a community is its high maintenance charges added to the rental cost which may not be considered worthwhile by a great percentage of the population. Nevertheless, the endless other benefits and the chance to experience a wholesome life overpowers this small drawback and swerves them towards making this worthwhile investment.


Whether you decide to live in an independent development or choose a master community lifestyle over it, there are always pros and cons associated with each lifestyle. At Homes 4 Life, there are always a variety of homes that can be sought when it comes to independent or community living.

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