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To Invest or Not to Invest, That is the Question!

Posted by rumana on July 4, 2021
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When choosing to invest in Dubai, a decision of such magnitude is a lot like investing in an idea: a home is much more than a physical structure, it is a representation of one’s lifestyle, ideal environment and chosen destiny.

Therefore, when deciding whether to put money into the real estate market, it is useful to evaluate the political climate of Dubai as a place of livelihood, for starters. Being a politically stable country, investments are protected by robust and reliable laws and policies. Throughout its rich history, Dubai has benefitted from a relatively secure government and legislature, making it an ideal destination for investors to put their valuable funds into, trusting that property values will not be adversely affected by political unrest.

From an economic aspect, what has not already been said about the flourishing Dubai real estate market? This metropolitan city benefits from a 24-hour economy that continues to thrive throughout the financial year, largely due to its relative immunity from political turbulence, making it a stable and hassle-free investment, as well as its state-of-the-art globalized infrastructure. Moreover, the anticipated economic boost from the upcoming Expo 2020 (October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022) is expected to ignite a surge in commercial activity throughout the city, and local real estate is no exception to this infectious energy. The continual appreciation of property values is observed consistently, especially considering the various options one has for purchase. Options for rental returns and various payment plans – specifically, post-handover payment plans of up to 70% – ensure the highest returns on investments in the least possible time, according to experts.

Legally speaking, many potential consumers expect to face certain roadblocks in terms of purchasing property in a location governed by Sharia law. However, characteristic of its increasingly globalized economic approach, properties in Dubai can be bought with 100% ownership. Additionally, Dubai’s inheritance law legislation allows even non-Muslims to set up a will that declares future ownership of a property.

Sure, a city is made up of towns and houses and high-rise skyscrapers – but a community, that is made up of its people! Dubai boasts a social diversity that heavily competes with the most international cities in the world, with over 206 nationalities as residents. Additionally, being a modern and vibrant metropolitan city, Dubai’s technological infrastructure supports its major strides to pave the way forward in this rapidly developing world. Choosing to invest in Dubai, a city at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital renaissance, is never a bad idea.

Overall, it is easy to appreciate how buying a property in Dubai can be the opportunity of a lifetime. Between the sheer enormity of choice and the many flexible payment plans available, the only thing left to do is seize them while you can!

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