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5 Reasons Why 5 years Investor Visa is a Game Changer for Dubai Real Estate

Posted by Geeti Bhatt on March 31, 2021


The introduction and approval of long term visa plans for the foreign investors and expats in Dubai is a long shot that was very much needed to boost the economy of Dubai. With proper implementation of these golden visa plans, the authorities can expect a commendable growth in Dubai’s real estate sector in the upcoming years.

The 5 year investor plan allows foreign expats, businessmen and extraordinary students and public servants to invest in long-term real estate properties and business plans with a minimum capital of AED 5 Million and without any need of a sponsor. This allows them to have complete ownership of their businesses or invest in different companies as a partner.

The excellent incentives offered to foreign investors under this golden visa plan are most likely a game changer for Dubai’s real estate market and economy. The 5 reasons to validate this statement are:

1- Attract more foreign investors

The 5 year visa plan allows foreign expats and businessmen to plan for a long term business or company setup in Dubai, which has a direct impact on the growth of the city’s industrial market. More and more investors will be looking for high end real estate properties to set up their offices in the city, which means a greater boost for the real estate market in Dubai.

2- Long Term Stay

Since, the 5 year investor visa allows the foreign expats to stay for a long time in Dubai, it will influence them to invest in the more affluent residential properties with the luxurious lifestyle, tax free income and long term residency. This is a great opportunity for the real estate market in Dubai to capitalize on these new investors and businessmen who will be eyeing high-end real estate properties in the free zones areas in Dubai.

3- Growth in the Public Sector

This visa plan allows extraordinary students, PhD holders and doctors, engineers and experts to invest in Dubai residential properties and stay and serve the country in return. This is going to play a vital role in allowing the country’s public sector to strengthen and grow.

4- Impact on Economy

The longer the expats stay in Dubai, the longer they will be contributing to the economy. This long term residency will allow them to settle down in Dubai with their families and invest in real estate residential properties instead of returning back to their home countries after some time.

5- Improve the Dubai’s status globally

This 5 year investor visa is a great initiative to strengthen Dubai’s reputation on the global index for property investments. With flexible payment plans and market competitive prices, a sure rise in the foreign real estate investors in Dubai is expected.

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