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5 Reasons why Dubai Residents are Moving from Apartments to Villa Lifestyles

Posted by mohsin on June 5, 2023

Since the start of the pandemic, more Dubai residents have made the choice to live in villas and townhouse communities, rather than apartment buildings. Though apartments are comparatively priced lower than villas, residents still prefer to have a villa lifestyle. But why are they choosing to make that move?


  1. Bigger and Better Homes: Villas are larger than apartments, and have more space for a  family to live in, and create a home they are comfortable in. Residents also prefer the higher quality of a townhouse with their own various amenities, rather than a smaller unit in an apartment building.
  2. More Options Across the City: As more residential areas in Dubai are being developed further, the variety in home options are also increasing. Residents have more diverse choices to find the right villa of their choice, whether it is a waterfront villa, a townhouse in a green neighborhood, or a house in the heart of Dubai, they are able to find the perfect fit.
  3. Healthy Atmosphere: The privacy in a villa is much greater than the privacy in an apartment villa, while also living in a community shared with other residents. These neighborhoods are also mostly away from the noise and pollution of the city, which allows for a healthier and quieter lifestyle.
  4. Space and Flexibility: Living in a villa also has more space for residents to modify their home as per their choices, with greater flexibility to also renovate their homes. Being able to do this allows families to personalize their villa more, and have more potential to create the home that they wish to live in.
  5. A Good Long-Term Investment: In the long-run, villas are an impressive property investment as it has been seen that villa neighborhoods in Dubai have had great recovery in prices. The increasing higher demand for private and bigger living spaces in Dubai have increased the interest in villa properties, in the growing residential property market. Residents are also able to see the market value of their villa property appreciate over time.


Many residential communities in Dubai continue to advance and develop, and the city’s residents are continuing to transition from living in apartment buildings to villas. With the large portfolio that Dubai’s real estate market has, you can surely find the home that is the right fit for you.

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