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5 Reasons Why Indian Millionaires Are Moving To Dubai

Posted by Geeti Bhatt on November 15, 2021

What attracts Indian investors to Dubai? It certainly isn’t the heat, since Indians are used to sweltering 45oC temperatures back home. What they aren’t used to is low interest rates on home and auto loans, rock-bottom crime rates, and air that is devoid of Sulphur Dioxide. As it turns out, Dubai is more than just a playground for the ultra-rich; it’s a melting pot of socio-economic opportunities, backed by a resilient government with a clear vision for the future. Here are the five reasons why Indian investors today are moving to Dubai for good.

1.Accessibility of Luxury: Luxury is more available and accessible in Dubai than any other part of the world. This is primarily because of the tax-free infrastructure that attracts millionaires globally. Moreover, Dubai is amongst the few cities where auto loans and home loans are offered for as low as 2% with minimum paperwork. All this make premium vehicles and luxury goods much more achievable and thus, you can see Ferraris & Lamborghinis roaming around the roads of Dubai as if it’s no big deal. For the ultra-rich, owning yachts and private jets is certainly not an issue in Dubai, for they can book yacht piers or hangars for their private jets conveniently.

2. Socio-economic Diversity: they say that don’t put your monetary eggs in one basket. Dubai, fortunately, has multiple, with an uncountable number of real estate offerings cropping up throughout the city that are attracting investors from all over the globe. Dubai’s expertise at generating hype for regional events is adding fuel to the unquenchable fire in the real estate market. With a wealth of projects and events regularly conducted, there are consistently numerous opportunities available to invest in Dubai.

3. Superior Quality of Life: owning to the Government of Dubai’s meticulous efforts on improving public infrastructure, living in this city is a breeze. Yes, the issue of traffic will continue to plague humanity for the time being. However, that is a minor hiccup amidst a myriad of benefits such as exceptional cleanliness, low crime rates (especially for women), and strong public transportation.

4. World Class Healthcare and Education: when you choose Dubai, you attain access to some of the best schools and hospitals in the region. The Dubai Health Authority has established a solid network of major hospitals throughout the city, each equipped with their own emergency departments. As for schooling, some of the top International Baccalaureate schools in the world such as GEMS International School and Dubai International Academy are conveniently located in the city. Beyond IB, schools offering IGCSE and ICSE curriculums are also located in Dubai, thus making transition for students much easier.

5. Ease of visa issuance: for Indians, getting a Dubai visit visa is simply a matter of a few documents, and a few hours. Those looking to invest 1 million dirhams or higher in Dubai attain residency automatically through a variety of investor visa schemes. On the other end of the spectrum, those wishing to spend their golden years in luxury and comfort in Dubai can attain the special retirement visa as well.

Without a doubt, Dubai is one of the most tantalizing destinations for both leisure and business. The door is open, and all you have to do is take the first step. To explore the best home options in Dubai, you can always choose Homes4Life Real Estate as your starting point, who will ensure that Dubai becomes your home away from home.

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