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Dubai REST App | Card Verification Services

Posted by Geeti Bhatt on November 14, 2021

Statistically, Dubai has a whopping 7,022 registered brokers working across 600+ brokerages. This goes to show the strength of the industry and faith which real estate investors from all around the globe have put in.

The highlights of the success of Dubai Real Estate is undoubtedly the level of transparency and regulations that are imposed by RERA which ensures smooth flow of the transactions and enables to maintain of a centralized database accessible publically to all which can be validated at convenience.

To further assure that the person you are dealing with, is following all compliance and is officially registered with the authorities, there are features in the Dubai Rest App that is open for public that authenticate the validity of the RERA license.

All you need to do is to ask the broker ID also known as Broker Registration Number (BRN) from the consultant who is assisting you, and that number can be verified in the Validate E-Card Service section in the Dubai REST App.

In addition to the validation of the Broker Card, the service also projects under what category the broker lies in, which are grouped as Gold, Bronze, Silver and none. Under certain criteria and performance, RERA groups brokerages and brokers into these categories that helps to commend their previous endeavors in the industry.

Similarly to the Broker Card validation, the Developer Card, Property Management, Trustee Services and Valuer card can also be validated in the services which ensures transparency and integrity in the industry.

Some property portals in Dubai have also started ranking and reviews of the brokers which depicts the experiences of the previous clients who have dealt with these brokers. Although, these are not regulated by any governing body like RERA, but they do give out a fair idea about what level of service you can expect from the broker.

To know about the state of the art services available through Dubai Land Department platform, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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