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Managing Co-occupants in Dubai

Posted by Geeti Bhatt on January 30, 2023

Managing Co-occupants

Today we are going to talk about a new regulation in place that complies all residents whether they are home owner or tenants to register the co-occupants on Dubai Rest App or on Dubai Land Department portal which would identify in a centralized system all individuals with their respective homes.


This move will towards further maturity of the industry will benefit everyone in a lot of ways. First and foremost, the change in family laws which allowed individuals to share a property in Dubai even if they are unrelated had seen increased sharing occupancy.


Although the room or home sub-letting is still illegal in accordance with Article 24 Dubai Rental Law which states: “Unless otherwise agreed in the tenancy contract, the tenant shall not assign benefit or sublease premises without obtaining the landlord’s approval.”

In order to handle these malpractices and ensure that the rules and regulations are not exploited the addition of co-occupants will generate a meaningful data which will be centrally available with land department and the government.


Traditionally, whenever an Ejari is being registered only the main occupant needs to register, or in cases where the ejari is registered under company, the main occupant is only notified to the landlord upon request. Hence, to standardize this practice, all the occupants who are staying more than 30 days in a property are supposed to be added whether they are related or not.


Upon logging into Dubai Rest App through their registered mobile number, email id or UAE pass app, the tenant or the landlord needs to select the property where they want to add occupants. And upon selection of the property, they need to click on Manage Co-occupants where all occupants can be added through their registered Emirates ID which is verified with their date of birth.


This rule does not apply to the short let and holiday homes in Dubai. However, all future Ejari registrations and home owners would require to manage the co-occupants through this channel which would streamline the process and maintain a centralized database for better tracking if the rules are being followed properly or not.


To learn more about how managing co-occupants on your property, please feel free to get in touch with our advisors at Homes 4 Life

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