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Posted by Geeti Bhatt on July 12, 2020

The latest studies suggest that a promising property investment trend in Dubai is taking shape as deals are lucrative enough for buyers.

Owning your property in the fabulous destination of Dubai has been a dream for many for long. This dream can now be realised as a good time to invest in Dubai’s slick skyline.

Experts and real estate analysts in Dubai have indicated that residential property propositions are offered in plenty currently and this has indicated re-adjustment of prices and rentals in order to benefit the end-consumers. Good news is that cost-conscious buyers who have always been willing to invest but were unable to finalise deals previously, can now explore greater number of affordable options and find their dream home.

Some strategic areas in Dubai are beginning to exhibit upward growth and consumers are already showing interest. Builders find this a positive sign of things to come all of this year. Despite the spill-over from 2019 of extra units (about 50,000 units), the handling capacity of the Year 2020’s real estate supply and demand is now under check showcasing favourable patterns, feel consumers.

The government is working on a lot of plans for Expo 2020 in terms of tourism and creating demand.

Dubai property is set to take a positive turn next year during the Expo 2020 as market is unlikely to see new major launches in 2020 and 2021 that will help bridge demand and supply gap to balance the market, according to a top official.

“I don’t think we are going to see more (project) launches in most of 2020 and 2021. Then in October 2021 when Expo starts, we could see the market is going to change in a positive way,” recently stated by a prominent property expert based in Dubai.

Definitely Covid19 has had an effect on the real estate market world wide, the occupier-friendly market of Dubai has its rentals stabilizing better. This affects yields of markets positively. Different areas exhibit varying trends of consumer mindset to buy and invest in property deals. Since developers are re-evaluating their selling styles with attractive payment options, this move brings much joy to consumers and aids in upward trend in transaction volumes.

Today, it’s a great opportunity, in fact a once-in-a-lifetime one to get the best deals for the that perfect home you always desired. A host of good developers with great properties are up for grabs.

This certainly is a time to make your move if you have been on the look out to scale up to a bigger place or relocate to a neighbourhood of choice that best suits your.


It is only evident that over the years till today, Dubai remains and will continue to be an appealing option to visit, live (for short and long term) and do business in, for a wide target audience.This makes Year 2020 a period that shall be the key to translate supply of real estate investment options into actual realistic demand. So why wait!!

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