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Renting in Dubai can be expensive

Posted by Geeti Bhatt on February 1, 2020

Renting in Dubai can be expensive

Renting in Dubai can be expensive; here are 5 ways to keep rent down in Dubai

Dubai is amongst the most dynamic cities of the world, where the life moves very closely to the speed of light. Renowned for its tourism, skyscrapers, luxury lifestyle and global business hub, Dubai has about 92% expats population of which more than 80% are renting in Dubai. Hence, the cost of renting in Dubai directly affects the cost of living in Dubai and in order to control these expenses the article discusses 5 important ways to keep rent down in Dubai.

  1. Rent your Home near to Workplace

Renting the home near to workplace brings in so much of benefits in the short and the long run as it decreases down the traveling time by avoiding rush hour traffic, allows you to be punctual at workplace, allows you to spend more time with your family and friends, increases workplace performance and efficiency and eventually saves you monetary and non-monetary costs to a great deal. So the first step in renting a home should be to select the specific community which should be close to work and should have the access to all the basic amenities.

  1. Find trustworthy Agent

Because of the strong competition within Real Estate Industry there are about 2,400 real estate brokerages within Dubai, of which only some will offer you right options depending on your requirements, whereas others will try to enforce their existing stock. When you select the community for your home, try researching all the agents that are offering services there and then research further about the previous experiences with their clients. In this way you will short list the major portion of cutting down the cost of living in Dubai.

  1. Share with Friends

When you have shortlisted the community and the agent, discuss the selection with friends and possibly with the people already living in the community which will give you a good idea about how your cost of renting in Dubai will be in the long run, as at times there are some charges like chiller charges, minor home fixing, cleaning etc are bear by landlords which saves your significant cost in the long run.

  1. Online Tools

In the digital world, there are various forums that discusses ways to keep rent down in Dubai, and with many experts and experienced people sharing their experiences and opinions, a very good technique before deciding on the actual value of the property within certain community which is near to the workplace is to research online and interact with experienced people.  Dubai Land department website also provides online tool to check the range of rent a landlord can ask from the tenant in each community.

  1. Negotiate on the Rent

The first shopping rule of Dubai says, “No price is fixed price in Dubai”, so when you have performed the initial four bits in finalizing your community and targeted rent, you should still negotiate on the offered price through the broker as there is always a little margin kept from the initially offered rental price.

Following these simple 5 tips can actually decrease your cost of renting in Dubai down significantly which will allow you to have better cost of living in Dubai with more time and money for your family to spend.

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