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5 Reasons why people are moving from Apartment to Townhouses?

Posted by Geeti Bhatt on August 16, 2021

Town House are more reasonable the ever before

In the Dubai Real Estate scene there are lots of newly emerging master developments that are competing. This is due to the competition from townhouse and villa prices as their prices have decreased significantly. Now because of the competition, you can find a townhouse for less the 100,000 AED. Supply has also been a major factor as supply increases price decreases. It has been proven by both The Valley and Tilal Al Ghaf every time they introduce a project the price always competes with the other.


How the pandemic has affected the way people live

Since the Pandemic has started, more families have moved to a larger houses as they are more spacious without having to get in contact with people of their household, so they move to a townhouse. Townhouses have given families the option to live in a spacious house without spending a hefty amount.


Vast variety

There is also lots of variety in townhouses where they can range from 3-5 bedrooms. Some of the townhouses have big gardens and swimming pools so there are townhouses that cater to all types of families. The prices between houses that have pools are not that different compared to houses that don’t include them. In other projects, you might find the same or similar specifications for a house however the prices may vary.


Range of amenities

Children have a better chance of socializing as the communities have amenities such as a public pool, Play areas, and gyms. These amenities could be helpful as people wouldn’t require to travel far distances to reach the amenities they want. The amenities will be used to their complete capacity after the pandemic.


Safety and security increase

A townhouse would be much safer than an apartment as they are in gated communities with securities and cameras. Children will socialize with each other so the parents would know each other so if anything happened to a child either parent would attend to the child. If a child would get lost the parents can easily find their child through the CCTV system of the community.


Overall, townhouses have a lot of enticing features that can cater to lots of families. One of the main features, when a family is relocating, is safety, and townhouses are built upon the idea of safety.



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