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Why You Would Know About 85% LTV Schemes

Posted by Geeti Bhatt on July 14, 2021

Have you been thinking of purchasing a house lately? We suggest you take a good look on all your prospective residential options according to your budget and the incentives, rates and mortgage schemes offered by the lenders before investing into a real estate. One of the most popular mortgages is the 85% LTV mortgage offered by many dealers and property lenders in the UAE.

An LTV mortgage refers to the ratio between the amount of loan that you borrow and the total cost of your property. An 85% LTV mortgage means that the lender covers the 85% of your property cost initially, after you have deposited the 15% equity at the time of purchase. You are supposed to pay back this loan in a fixed period of time, that too with an allocated amount of interest with each fee installment. This interest is the guarantee for the risk involved for the lender who is offering the 85% LTV mortgage in the case of fall in the market prices of the residential properties that actually means loss for the lender.

How to Know Which 85% LTV Would Work the Best for You

With hundreds of property dealers offering thousands of LTV mortgage schemes for an extensive range of accommodation options in Dubai, it is quite difficult for you to choose which one would work the best for you. This decision is very important as your property can be usurped back if you fail to pay back your mortgage or suffer a loss if you are not smart while investing into a property.

A real estate agent or a broker can help you find the perfect 85% LTV mortgage scheme in Dubai by comparing all the suitable options according to your requirements, budget and personal situations. They will work out the total cost of the mortgage deal that you will have to pay over the time by adding up all the interest, capital repayments and fees for you. This will help you choose the perfect LTV in terms for value for money.

Major Housing Properties that You can Invest in 2021

Dubai is famous for its iconic, sophisticated and luxury housing projects. This city enjoys an excellent location as one of the largest cultural and social hubs in the world which is why there are a number of housing projects that offer amazing 85% LTV mortgages schemes in Dubai.

The top housing properties with some of the most extensive and suitable range of 85% LTV mortgage offers are Dubai Hills Estate Villas, Apartment for Sale in Downtown Dubai, EMAAR Beachfront Apartments, Dubai Creek Harbour Apartments for Sale, Hayat Townhouses Town Square Dubai, Safi Townhouses Nshama, Elan Townhouses Tilal Al Ghaf, Sama Townhouses Nshama, Villas for Sale in Damac Hills, Rent to Own Property Dubai, Port de La Mer Apartments.

Our brokers and expert consultants work closely with both the top developers in the city and our clients to help them select the most appropriate real estate property to invest in and keep them up to date with all the different 85% LTV mortgages schemes offered by the lenders in Dubai.

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