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A Recent Home Search Trend Post Lockdown

Posted by Geeti Bhatt on July 13, 2021

People have always been keen about finding their dream houses that have all the modern amenities and facilities that they want. However, this COVID-19 lockdown has brought a major shift in the trends for home searching all around the world, consequently to the changing needs of the people.

The real estate market has seen an exponential growth during these last few months during the Coronavirus pandemic. Amazingly, a particular pattern has been notable among the features that the people have been searching for in their homes while purchasing homes post lockdown. Some of these features are:

  1. Outdoor Areas and Gardens

The one thing that has sparked the interest of many home buyers is the outdoor areas, balconies or nice courtyards in the house. During the lockdown, many people were forced to stay confined within their four walls with no place to go out or walk around. This has made them particularly interested in buying homes with such outdoor and open spaces that add more dimension to their house.

  1. Office Space

The new normal requires people to work from home. With less and less people going to office and managing their official work from their home, there is a greater demand for homes with an extra room or a nice study to turn into a personal office space. Reports show an increase in the sale of residencies with an extra room for working purposes.

  1. Countryside locations

Another particular trend that has been noted during the latest home searches this year is the willingness to buy countryside villas or residential properties on the outskirts of the city. With no condition of going to the office every day, there is no particular need for people to stay in the city. More and more people are opting for urban migration for better, healthier and private lifestyles. This trend that had started during the last few years has seen a considerable surge in this pandemic.

Dubai real estate market offers multiple such options for the people who want to purchase their homes post lockdown and are in search of necessary amenities that will make their life better and easier during this new normal.

Some of these residential options that you can consider are inclusive of:

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