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How 100% Business Ownership is Going to Benefit Dubai Real Estate

Posted by Geeti Bhatt on July 13, 2021

One of the major breakthroughs in the Dubai real estate industry is the introduction and implementation of the new 100% business ownership rule. This initiative allows foreign expatriates and business investors to completely own their businesses in Dubai without any need of a local sponsor to run their business.


This initiative is one of the most important changes that will surely have a huge impact on the country’s economy, global standing and the real estate market. The one thing for sure is that it will surely help Dubai to recover post-pandemic. Not only does this provide more opportunities for the foreign investors to work in Dubai without any restrictions, but also allows them to invest in the country, which is guaranteed to lead to a positive impact on the country’s economy.


Dubai is looking for ways to encourage businesses and investments within the region from overseas and easing the setting up of foreign companies. This is an excellent step to support the prospect of making Dubai a commercial and business hub.


Many investors are more than willing to open their offices in Dubai now more than ever and invest in real estate properties. Adding the luxury standard of lifestyle, tax free incentives and market competitive prices, the foreign investors will be eyeing Dubai for their corporate setups and commercial businesses.


Although the free zones will have to redesign themselves as the UAE allows countrywide ownership of the businesses to the investors, it is still much better than before both for the city’s reputation on the global index for investment properties, but also for the local economy.


Many developers offer multiple opportunities for foreign businessmen and entrepreneurs to invest in the luxury and high-end real estate properties, including the villas for sale in Dubai Hills Estate, Apartment for sale in Downtown Dubai, EMAAR Beachfront Dubai, Dubai Creek Harbour property for sale, Town Square Townhouses,  and many more. With so much to offer, and with the happening lifestyle that Dubai is renowned globally for, more and more business owners are surely going to be interested in establishing their presence here, which will in turn lead to a positive impact on the real estate industry too.

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