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Buying from the Developer or from the Secondary Market

Posted by Geeti Bhatt on July 22, 2022

An important question that first pops up in the mind of the buyer when they are buying a home in Dubai specially for the first time.

Buying from the developer or from the secondary market? In the home search, the answer to these questions changes the buyer direction completely, and the approach towards the search implies a set of questions that are valid and important to be answered.

Generally, it was perceived that investors tend to buy from the developers or primary market as offplan and once the property gets ready, they tend to sell it off at a higher appreciated price. However, in the modern scenario, with the latest portal technology and knowledge availability things have changed significantly, and today’s end user is more aware about the market than a common investor.

Although Dubai Real Estate spoils you for choices with ready and offplan options available directly from the developer in abundance, but the key factor that come into play when opting for primary or secondary market is Payment Plan.

A payment plan eases up the cashflow of a home buyer, which is generally spread over 2 to 4 years of payments. And projects offering post-handover payment plans adds up further value to the proposition because the remaining payments can be either recovered through renting out the apartment when investing, or can be saved by transforming into investment.

The brand-new properties from the developer are a great proposition for the end-users because not only they come with one year warranty, but they users can also benefit from no agency commissions, and at times DLD waiver as well.

Globally, the secondary market transactions are way above the primary, however with the trust that residents and overseas investors have placed upon Dubai and the reputable developers of Dubai, the offplan market transactions are usually neck to neck with the secondary market’s volume.

Hence, it is always advised when you come across questions like these, you can always reach out to your trust advisors at Homes 4 Life, who would be happy to help assist you further with your requirement.

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