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Finding a good agent you can trust can be a difficult task in Dubai

Posted by Geeti Bhatt on January 21, 2020

Finding a good agent you can trust can be a difficult task in Dubai

Finding a good agent you can trust can be a difficult task in Dubai, we’re here to help

Dubai Real Estate is a heterogeneous industry where you will find agents from almost every nationality and from all walks of life. When deciding on to look for new home or moving in to Dubai either short term or long term, an important step is to look for a trustworthy real estate broker. Because of the tough competition in the industry and good market demand there are about 2,400 brokerage companies registered in Dubai till June 2015 with an estimate of over 9,000 RERA certified professionals practicing throughout the city. Seeking the right trustworthy real estate broker among these 9,000 agents is not an easy job; however this article categorizes four important points that you need to look for in each agent that can help you to how to find a good real estate agent in Dubai.

  1. RERA Certified

Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) formed by Dubai Land Department helps in various ways to cut down the fake agents and make sure only the legitimate and legally certified agents practice the brokerage to keep the property transactions standard maintained. An important element in finding the trustworthy real estate broker is to find out if he or she is regularized to work or not. Due to the high influx of workers in the industry, there are some agents who do not possess RERA certified card or with expired cards, so it’s best to keep away from them as legally they would not be able to register your transaction to Dubai Land Department.

  1. Area Specialist

For every community in Dubai, there are trustworthy real estate brokers who have some specific are as their specialty.  An area specialist would be able to provide you better opinion and better availability than a non-specialist. Hence, when you decide on the specific area or community you can easily search for area specialist online.

  1. Previous Transactions

Through putting up the data online, RERA has eased up the steps to how to find a good real estate agent in Dubai. You can verify if the agent you are working with has transacted recently or not through Dubai Land Department website and through third party websites as well which can give you an idea about how good the agent has been performing recently.

  1. Communication Standards

Another important element that you need to look for in trustworthy real estate broker is the level of communication. Many agents these days get so chocked up with the leads being assigned to them by their brokerage companies that they do not follow up or update you regularly. Even if you find a certified broker who is area specialist and has done recent transactions, but he or she is not able to give you ample amount of time, there are chances that he or she might not be able to provide you the best of services.

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