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Property Virtual Tours

Posted by Geeti Bhatt on December 27, 2021

An interesting concept of Virtual Tours of the properties.

Generally, the properties can be viewed virtually at 3 levels, and this goes over and beyond the conventional pictures illustration that are viewed through the online portals. These virtual tours give a more realistic feeling to the property you are looking at, and veridically it gives a better feel of the property than images.

The most common type of virtual tour is of videos, these can be either drafted informally by mobile cameras or more professionally which may or may not include a presenter. These types of videos are non-interactive and give fair idea about the property and its surrounding.  And often the presenters in the video talk about what benefits they offer along with the details of the property.

The second level of virtual tours are more interactive an are called 360 virtual tours. Here the users can roam around the property from the convenience of their place on a handheld device or a computer. This gives an immersive experience of the property, where users have full liberty to see any room they would like to, and have a feel of it. The most amazing part of these 360-degree virtual tours is the fact that the users can get a fair idea of the sizes as at times the images are edited to look more spacious.  These types of tours are getting more popular day by day, not only because these are convenient but also it saves time and are available to view any time of the day.

The third level of virtual tours are 3D virtual tours which may or may not be of a ready property. These virtual tours allow users to use oculus lens and obtain even more realistic ambiance which comes into the category of augmented reality. Although more advancements are in place which would allow users to customize their views, setting and even furniture to identify what would ideally suit their requirements and then can opt for it. A variety of developments have already started offering these augmented reality tours, but in near future there are more to come our way which would give a whole new dimension of how properties ought to be viewed.

One thing is for sure that technology has helped us advanced to a level where we now benefit from better convenience and more informed decision making. Our Homes 4 Life website is equipped with one of the largest collections of 360 virtual tours and video tours of the properties. To view these properties virtually, just log on to


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