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Sell outs at Project Launches

Posted by Geeti Bhatt on December 8, 2021

An interesting phenomenon that we all have been experiencing a huge surge on the project launches, and how come these developments sell out within hours.

Very interestingly, Dubai Real Estate is one of the rare markets where offplan properties perform equally well as ready properties. This not only goes to show the trust that investors have in this market, but also signifies the fact that future forecast of the property market is highly positive.

Off lately, the scenes that we witness from the project launches are getting similar to IPO’s in the stock market where people used to queue overnight to get hold of their share in the deal. And while, others wonder how people are queuing up to buy properties overnight. We do tend to clarify the fact that these people foresee opportunity to capitalize their investments in a better way.

First and foremost, the buyers who are in the start of the queue ticket get to choose the best units in the inventory, the chances of appreciation of those units are relatively higher, thus resulting in better ROI. Generally, developers release out their best units in the first go as they prefer to benefit their early adopters.

Secondly, the launch payment plans are relatively easier, and are often clubbed with DLD registration fees waiver, which adds in superior value to the investor who not only enjoy discounts on the fees, but get to attain a better cash flow and payments are more relaxed.

Finally, the initiatives and measures that Dubai has been taking to ensure the influx of people in the region, this would create an imbalance in the supply demand equilibrium in the housing market. Surprisingly, the increasing oil prices and lowered rents in Dubai have enforced many residents from the other Emirates to move to Dubai which saves their cost and time from everyday commute.

To stay updated with the latest project launches and market trends, you can always get in touch with Homes 4 Life, and we would be happy to brief you about the projects that perfectly suit your investment taste.



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