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Title Deed Verification Service

Posted by Geeti Bhatt on November 25, 2021

This simple yet important feature allows potential tenants and buyers to cross-verify essential features that are associated with the property and save their time and efforts by validating the authenticity of the ownership of a property.

In order to achieve the objective of a transparent and mature market, this initiative offers two aspects of the service wherein anyone who has access to the title deed of a property can verify if the property is valid or blocked in the land department system which clarifies if it is eligible to sell or not.

Along with the property status, the service charges due on the property are also specified (if there are any) which further saves any potential tenant or buyer from future hassle that they might have to face while moving into the property due to lack of service charges payment.

The second aspect of the validation service is about validating the owner and the property. Although Dubai is considered to be safest city in the world, initiatives of these kinds have played a significant role in mitigating the risks of frauds that might exist.

By validating the ownership of the property, it clarifies that the person you are dealing with is the right person. Especially when it comes to payments of rental contracts, it is implicit that the payments are supposed to be made under the landlord’s name. Thus, this feature allows you validate the owner of a certain property.

When validating property owners, the area and service charges due are also specified on the screen along with the last invoiced date, so it is in-sync with all parties to ensure that the dues are to be cleared before the transfer.

At times, while selling properties that have been mortgaged, banks need to issue release notes once the mortgage is cleared which has to be updated in the system. The status feature in this aspect also specifies if the property is still mortgaged or not which helps to determine if there is further paperwork to be done with the bank or not.

This verification service is easily accessible through Dubai Land Department website, Dubai REST App, or you can log on using from any device anywhere to use this service.

For more information about Title Deed Verification or to understand why it is important, please feel free to get in touch with Homes 4 Life.

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